Wembley song number six: Watch out Swansea we’re Bradford City

By Jason McKeown

Our series looking at cup final songs comes to a close (unless we’ve missed anyone, please let me know if we have) with Martin Keighley’s melodic offering ‘Watch our Swansea we’re Bradford City’.

Martin told Width of a Post the story behind his creation:

“I’m 55, and a self-employed consultant and writer. I saw my first City match in 1967 when Charlie Rackstraw scored the winner against Luton and I was hooked. Until Christmas my three most memorable matches were easy to name: Norwich City away in the cup in the 70s, Everton away in the cup (Chris Waddle!) in 1997, and the 96 play-off final at Wembley in ’96 . But then so many great matches come along at once.

“I’ve had season tickets in all four sides of the ground at one time or another, but have resided in the Sunwin for the last 12 years. I judge myself as a rational kind of person but, like so many other City fans now, I’m an emotional wreck. These matches just don’t happen in real life to City fans. But tickets, hotel and train are all sorted for the 24th. Just a shame I can’t buy a new shirt.

“I’ve been a songwriter for a very long time and played in various bands. I have a Youtube channel called themartinkeighley which contains some very old videos of one of the bands. Today I only write and play for fun (or for charity). I wrote a song for the Euros called ‘It’s not soccer it’s football’, perhaps the cheesiest song I ever wrote but nearly everyone seemed to like it. It’s got a tune you can’t get out of your head.

“Last week I re-worked it as a City song and Watch out Swansea we’re Bradford was born. Just my way of expressing myself I guess. Football is very important to me, and the lyrics general express what it’s about. If you’re not at a match at 3pm on a Saturday with pie in hand, then you’ll be settling down with Jeff Stelling. In a word, it’s about passion, but I guess you already know that.”

Wembley songs:

1. There’s no one as Wembley as Bradford City by Corrigan Brothers

2. The Spirit of Bradford City by Simon Crabtree

3. Cap One Story by Mark Heslop

4. Wembley Way by Peculiar Disco Moves

5. Let’s get ready for Wembley by Bantams Banter

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3 replies

  1. Another great effort.
    My humble opinion nothing comes close to Spirit of Bradford City.
    It’s anthemic, catchy great lyrics and I would love to hear us walking out to it at Wembley over the speakers (wont happen of course)

    However we WILL “be the extra man”. Can’t wait !

  2. Have you not forgotten The remix Smokie the group from Bradford have done? I heard it on’t radio last week

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