Chelsea is the best medicine

Image by Mike Holdsworth

Image by Mike Holdsworth

By Shirley Gavin

I’m not saying it wasn’t a good day for the few that travelled to Stamford Bridge last Saturday, but was it as exciting as listening to the Radio on the sofa at my brother Jim’s house?

I was having a lazy afternoon and thumbing through the papers, with the radio on in the background. I didn’t have a ticket for the game, but we were heading for a trouncing anyway – weren’t we?

Uh oh, two nil down – but wait a minute, did Stead just score before half time?

The phone rang, it was my brother. He had been in hospital over Christmas and was gutted to miss the Notts County game. Recuperating at home he said: “Why don’t you come over and listen with us? I’ve got some mates over and a few beers.” So me, my sister Jackie and Katie (she writes for Width of a Post) went over…

So we listened to the excitement of the commentary on Radio Leeds. The roar of the crowd, and the relentless singing and chanting by the City faithful. Watching Final Score, with an occasional update and the latest score flashing up on screen. Was this really happening ?





My brother was punching the air whilst dancing in his seat. Flinging his arms around his wife, he wacked a cushion disturbing the sleeping cat. Who could sleep at a time like this?

His blood pressure up. “Let’s do a Conga round the garden”, he said. But on a cold January day, let’s just say the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak! We had to restrain him.

It has been the best tonic for him, and we’re hoping he will be fit and well enough to attend the next round. Bring on Sunderland and a packed Valley Parade….

A big congratulations to Phil and The Team

And a special Thank You to “The Bradford Boys Making All The Noise”.


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  1. Lovely feel-good article, amazing how football and the radio can still bring people together even in the world of social media. Hope your brother has a speedy recovery and makes the next round.

  2. I was sitting in my office on Hilton Head Island South Carolina listening to the game through the Internet. 10 am on Saturdays is always slow in the winter so I was relaxing while doing Busy stuff. When we were down 2-0 my niece in Birmingham sent an IM lamenting the massacre about to befall the Bantams. One minute before John Stead scored, an elderly couple walked in. Down went the volume so I could give my attention where needed. My cell phone started to ding like crazy but I couldn’t look at the messages! They left just in time to turn up the volume to hear Stix laughing hysterically, say 4-2!! In one sense I was gutted to have missed the action yet I can not describe the feeling of amazement and joy when Stix broke the news to me. Well done to everyone involved. You made news over here in a big way.( and made my year!)

  3. By reverse coincidence the Notts match was my first trip to VP since April ’08, and a cold one it was too for a resident of Melbourne! Havingalso lived in Nottingham for 15 years I also have a soft spot for the pies so it was a great game for me to be at. I woke my ever gracious Chelsea supporting wife to listen to the radio commentary from Stamford Bridge. Sunday morning was the middle of a long weekend here and it was just as well our neighbours were away, when at around 4am I let rip a joyous roar. I too will always remember where I listened to the Chelsea match.

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